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hercotrumpetmaintenancekit.jpg Herco Trumpet Maintenance Kit
The Herco line has been expanded and improved to become the "Complete Care System" providing players their best choice for top quality instrument care accessories. These maintenance kits include everything needed for proper care of your trumpet: Flex Brush, Spitballs, Valve Casing Brush, Polish Cloth, Mouthpiece Brush, Valve Protector, Slide Grease, Pure Formula Valve Oil, I.D. Tag and Complete Care instructions.
hercotrombonemaintenancekit.jpg Herco Trombone Maintenance Kit
The Herco line has been expanded and improved to become the "Complete Care System" providing players their best choice for top quality instrument care accessories. These maintenance kits include everything needed for proper care of your trombone: Flex Brush, Spitballs, Polish Cloth, Mouthpiece Brush, Slide Grease, Pure Formula Slide Oil, I.D. Tag and Herco Complete Care Instructions.
berp-a.jpg BERP for Brass Instruments
In 1986, Los Angeles Philharmonic trumpeter Mario Guarneri developed the Buzz Extension and Resistance Piece (B.E.R.P.) for brass instruments---a dynamic advancement in brass pedagogy. The creation of the BERP grew out of the concept of mouthpiece buzzing which has been used for many years as a teaching technique for brass players. One of the leading proponents of buzzing the mouthpiece was James Stamp. He asked his students to add some resistance to the mouthpiece when buzzing by placing their little finger over the end. By learning to blow into resistance, which in fact happens when you play the instrument, you become more aware of the undesirable creation of resistance in your body, and thus avoid it by using proper breath support. He also asked his students to finger the valves of their instruments while buzzing the mouthpiece, to create an awareness of the connection between the fingers and the brain’s perception of pitch.

By putting the two ideas together---buzzing against resistance, and fingering (or moving the slide), to the corresponding pitch---the BERP maximizes the benefit of mouthpiece buzzing practice. Adjustable resistance dial slides over four holes to let you tune the BERP to any resistance you want. Side-by-side design lets you switch between playing and buzzing instantly. New adjustable clamp fits around the receiver opening of any brand or model of instrument. If you play a brass instrument, there's a BERP for you.
manhassetmuteholder.jpg Manhasset Trumpet Mute/Cup Holder
Clips on the lip of all folding and concert music stands. Places mutes or cups in convenient, readily accessible place. Allows for quick mute changes during performances.
manhassetmuteholder.jpg Manhasset Trombone Mute Holder
These mute holders are made of plastic and attach to most music stands. The trombone mute holder will also hold a 16 oz. cup.
muteholderHerc Hercules Triple mute holder

Holds most cornet, trumpet, trombone and French horn mutes Specially Formulated Foam covering rings to eliminate noise 270 degrees of ring swivel to provide your ideal set up Designed to easily attach to most music and microphone stands with a shaft diameter of 8-30mm (0.31”-1.18”) Accessory tray included Load capacity: 5 kg (11lbs) Folded size: 100x250mm (3.9x9.8”)

monettedoublemouthpiececase-b.jpg Monette Double Trumpet Mouthpiece Case
Keep your Prana™ or Classic™ Monette mouthpieces safe and sound. Designed to suspend the delicate Prana™ tips and maintain your mouthpiece's precise pitch center adjustments, these two-piece cases offer maximum protection. Tough nylon exterior and molded, cushioned synthetic interior.
TorpedoBalmsmall.jpg Torpedo Balm
Chapped Chops? Use chemical-free TorpedoBalm for healthy chops. Made with North Dakota Beeswax and many organic ingredients, this product is gluten free and guaranteed chemical free. Custom made in the USA for Torpedo Bags, this is the MOST PURE Chop Stick you'll find anywhere on earth! Ingredients Expeller Pressed Safflower Oil Beeswax Organic Jojoba Oil Mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E Oil) Organic Grapefruit Seed Extract Vegetable Glycerin
chopsaver.jpg.jpg Chop Saver --- Natural Lip Balm for Musicians with Lips
Made for people who depend on their lips on a daily basis. 100% natural, ingredients include shea and mango butter, aloe, vitamin E and herbs including arnica, calendula, comfrey and white willow. No petroleum, no harsh chemicals. The fragrance is a refreshing blend of four citrus oils. Used and endorsed by James Galway, Philip Smith, Arturo Sandoval, Mike Vax, Wayne Bergeron, and many, many others.
hearoshighfidelityearplugs.jpg Hearos High Fidelity Ear Plugs---Designed for Musicians
Comes with 2 washable earplugs and a free case. They are designed to allow the wearer to hear all highs and lows for optimum performance. The cap and stem that extend out of the HiFi HEAROS form a folded horn and resonance structure that vibrates at the same 2.8kHz resonance as the human ear. When combined with the concha resonance of the ear canal at the end of the HiFi filter, the physics of the HiFi HEAROS result in an eardrum pressure frequency-balanced like that of a normal, open ear but with sound pressure reduced by 12 decibels.
3mantitarnish 3M Anti-Tarnish Paper Strips
3M Anti-Tarnish Strips help keep your silver-plated instrument and accessories tarnish-free and last from several weeks to up to 6 months depending on the frequency and exposure to air. They last even up to 1 year when in a sealed environment, keeping your instrument and even jewelry or flatware bright and tarnish-free. Paper strips prevent oxidation by absorbing hydrogen sulfides from the air. Keep unused strips in sealed bag. Strips are imprinted "3M Anti-Tarnish Strips." Contains 8 strips.
bobcatmouthpiecepuller.jpg.jpg Bobcat Mouthpiece Puller
dregtool.jpg.jpg DEG Brass Mouthpiece Truing Tool
Made for fixing dents in mouthpiece shanks.
Wooden Double Trumpet Mouthpiece Case
These beautiful mouthpiece cases are carefully handmade. They have strong magnetic closures and fit and protect any brand or size. Specify dark, light or tiger wood.
tarnishield.jpg.jpg 3M Tarni-Shield Silver Polish
3M Tarni-Shield™ Polishes are easy to use and among the least-abrasive polishes available, The patented anti-tarnish/oxidation reduction "shield" keeps silver, copper and brass items gleaming without frequent polishing. 10 oz. bottle.
Herco Flex-Brush Trumpet Cleaner
also called a snake. Vinyl coated.
Herco Flex-Brush Trombone Cleaner
also called a snake. Vinyl coated.
spitballsstandard.jpg.jpg Herco Spitballs --- standard size
removes dirt from trumpets, cornets, french horns and small bore trombones.
spitballslarge.jpg.jpg Herco Spitballs --- large size
removes dirt from large bore tenor trombones, bass trombones and baritones.
he83 Herco Valve Casing Brush
Herco Brass Mouthpiece Brush
Sterisol Germicide Pump - 8 oz.
Sterisol spray disinfects,deodorizes, and cleans brass and woodwind mouthpieces. A must for teachers!