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Frate Precision Trumpet Mouthpieces

A different way to intend the sound production in brass instruments is born from a careful, meticulous and some year-lasting research.

Our deep knowledge of the product, using the most modern design and production techniques, has given life to FRATE PRECISION  Professional Brass Mouthpieces. High quality brass mouthpieces for Trumpet, Piccolo trumpet, Flugelhorn and Cornet.





Click here to see more information on the cups/throats/backbores and designs.

FrateMouthpiece.JPG Frate 1+ Trumpet Mouthpiece Series
17.66 mm diameter, very large - slightly larger than Bach 1C, and Schilke 18
FrateMouthpiece.JPG Frate 3+ Trumpet Mouthpiece Series
17.30mm in diameter - Comparable with Bach 1C or Schilke 18
FrateMouthpiece.JPG Frate 5+ Trumpet Mouthpiece Series
17.12mm in diameter - Comparable to Bach 1 1/4C
FrateMouthpiece.JPG Frate 1 Trumpet Mouthpiece Series
16.95mm in diameter - Comparable to Yamaha 16, Bach 1 1/2C, Schilke 14 sizes
FrateMouthpiece.JPG Frate 3 Trumpet Mouthpiece Series
16.66mm in diameter - Comparable to Bach 3, Schilke 12, or Yamaha 13 sizes
FrateMouthpiece.JPG Frate 5 Trumpet Mouthpiece Series
16.35 mm in diameter - Comparable to Bach 5, Schilke 11, or Yamaha 11 size