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Don Miles Trumpet Parts

Don Miles is a custom trumpet designer and builder based in Cincinnati, Ohio. He produces some of the finest trumpet designs available that are 100% handmade. Now these high quality leadpipes are available here at our store - our in house repair tech can mount them for you. Call us today to find out more. 402.289.9699 These leadpipes are for Yamaha and Bach ML bore Bb Trumpets only.
DonMiles20small.JPG Don Miles #20 Bb Leadpipe in Raw Brass
This mouthpipe has a taper that opens quicker than the model #32 or #42. This makes the mouthpipe give the instrument more projection and more evenness in pitch center. It works with ML Bach and Yamaha Bb Trumpets.
DonMiles42small.JPG Don Miles #42 Leadpipe in Raw Brass
This mouthpipe aids in the production of a large encompassing sound with lots of projection, and a powerful low register. It is easy to play at all dynamic levels. It is most similar in design to the standard Bach leadpipe.
DonMiles32small.JPG Don Miles #32 Leadpipe in Raw Brass
This mouthpipe has a slower taper that produces a brighter sound desirable for commercial playing. It also helps create an easy and focused upper register.
DonMilesValveGuidesmall.JPG Don Miles Brass Valve Guides
These are precision milled. These fit Bach trumpets. Quieter than most brass valve guides since they are hand made. Brass valve guides work in the way that heavy valve caps do - helps the tone be richer in color and have more resonance.