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Torpedo Bags Trumpet Mouthpiece Case

MP1SingleHolster MP-1 (Single)
mp2doublehoster MP-2 (Double)
MP3TrioHolster MP-3 (Triple)

These great mouthpiece holsters utilize our famous Loredo Leather, 3-8 times thicker than the competition. Shown here against the competitor Protec leather, you can see the difference: Protec is the black leather (Ha! They call that leather?!?! Yeah, from a malnourished squirrel.), and is as thin as our lining fabric underneath our thick-as-a-horse-shoe brown leather. Torpedo Bag Mouthpiece Holsters offer far greater protection and are much classier than the competition. Only our guys have the equipment to sew this stuff, here in the USA.

MP4-Br-Ca.jpg MP - 4 (Quad)
Torpedo Bag Mouthpiece Holsters are made from our World Famous “Thick as a Horse Shoe” Loredo Leather. They are made in the USA, with extra high quality Fasnap brand snaps that are also made in the USA. We line them with a plush fabric, ensuring that your expensive mouthpieces never contact the snap directly. Available for 1, 2, 3, or 4 Mouthpieces, these are almost certainly the finest Mouthpiece Holsters made, from here to Loredo.