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Larson Bb Trumpets

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BrassWerks strives to create and maintain the highest quality instruments on the market today.
The GFT Series Trumpets are known for their amazing sound qualities and flexibility.  Find out why you owe it to yourself to try a custom trumpet built by Ken Larson, Master Trumpet Builder.


O Fast taper - Largest volume - Broadest sound Good for Bb, C and Eb/D trumpets. Good for classical, orchestra and quintet

OT Similar to O slightly more focused sound, good for Bb and C trumpets

L Similar to Bach 7 leadpipe or Malone MC1 with a smaller venturi. Good for C trumpet orchestral players that use a very large mouthpiece and dont mind a bit of resistance.

N Designed for the Bb trumpet with a New York Narrow tuning slide. Broad focused center, free blowing also good for the C trumpet for players who want an extremely open pipe

LarsonBb.JPG GFT SS Bb Trumpet
Designed as the Brasswerks entry level Professional instrument, the SS is a hand assembled and features an adjustable Bell Brace and a Brasswerks Valve Alignment. The GFT SS is free blowing, easy to play with a broad, complex sound.
LarsonBb.JPG GFT XK Bb Trumpet
All the features of the SS plus 2 additional adjustable braces, narrow New York style bracing, choice of 2 leadpipes and a 1 piece yellow brass side seam, rounded bend bell. Leadpipe options: O Pipe with square tuning slide or the N Pipe with the New York Narrow tuning slide. Great response with a clear balanced sound, great all around trumpet. Works well in both orchestral and commercial settings.
LarsonBb.JPG GFT Bb Trumpet
All the features of the XK plus the choice of 3 leadpipes, 2 bell weights and 2 different bell tapers. The GFT is the pinnacle of design with great pitch and excellent response. Dark, balanced sound with great center and a wonderful projection.
LarsonBb.JPG GFTR Bb Trumpet
the newest Brasswerks creation, melding both the ease of playing of the best new trumpets with the vintage sound qualities many players are looking for. The addition of a side seam, square bell bend and optional special annealing give this instrument a dark, rich sound with great projection.