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Used Mouthpieces

Each used mouthpiece has been given a number, from 1-5, describing the condition of the mouthpiece.
Conditions within these general categories may vary somewhat from mouthpiece to mouthpiece.
We will not sell a mouthpiece that is unusable.
All used mouthpieces are available to play test on approval (with valid credit card for insurance).

The condition numbers are as follows:

1. Mint or near mint condition - barely used.
2. Slight surface scratches, in the body or in the shank.
3. Minor nicks in the rim.
4. Wear or discoloration in the finish.
5. Dings or dents in the body.

Used Trombone Mouthpieces

 Used Trumpet Mouthpieces

Bach Blessing Curry  Denis Wick Flip Oakes
GR  Jet Tone Laskey Marcinkiewicz  Monette
Stomvi  Schilke  Stork Warburton Yamaha  Parke  
Kanstul 4FL Used Mouthpiece UMT-761
Box3.JPG Vintage Bach Mt. Vernon Mouthpiece Case MC 3
Holds trumpet, cornet and trombone Bach mouthpieces. The corners are slightly scuffed, some wood showing and the latches hold tight. Some light wear on the interior of the box, overall the box is in very good condition.
Bob Reeves Sleeves 3, 4 UMT 1041
Parduba 3 UMT 1140
Kanstul 4FL flugel UMT 761
Bob Reeves Sleeves # 3 and 4 UMT 1041
Parduba 7 UMT 1235
Purviance 4*D4 Trumpet Mouthpiece UMT 1257
Box2.JPG Vintage Bach Mt. Vernon Mouthpiece Case MC 2
This vintage box is in excellent condition. Good latches, very nice interior, some scuffs on the outside where the wood shows. A small patch of old masking tape stuck on the side. Fits Bach trombone, trumpet and cornet mouthpieces.
Box1.JPG Vintage Bach New York Mouthpiece Case MC 1
This box is in excellent condition. Some scuffing on the exterior corners, interior in great condition. Fits Bach trombone, trumpet and cornet mouthpieces.