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Warburton's, The Buzzard



From the Warburton Webpage:   The Buzzard gives,

  • The unique combination of shapes controls the airflow to achieve balanced resistance
  • The internal taper through the throat section plus the reverse bell flair expands and focuses the buzz
  • Promotes the natural position of the embouchure as if playing the instrument
  • Provides resistance similar to your instrument for a natural, relaxed feel
  • Portable - take along everywhere you can't bring your horn
  • Indestructible - made from tough Delrin plastic - great for students!
  • Lightweight and easily Portable - keep one in your pocket
  • Convenient for a quick and effective warm-up
  • Designed and Manufactured in USA at the Warburton Factory
  • Terry Warburton has successfully developed THE BUZZARD to achieve the maximum buzzing potential at a very affordable price
  • Available Sizes:
    • TB01 - Trumpet
    • TB02 - French Horn
    • TB03 - Cornet
    • TB04 - Flugelhorn
    • TB05 - Trombone (Tenor)
    • TB06 - Large Trombone
    • TB07 - Euro
    • TB08 - Conn
    • TB09 - Tuba
    • TB10 - Large Tuba
The Buzzard by Warburton