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Best Brass Trombone and Bass Trombone Mouthpieces

The medium weight achieves our sound image of the trombone. It produces a powerful sound that has the ability to encompass the whole ensemble if you wish. The mouthpiece concentrates the center of gravity to the side of the rim to achieve excellent flexibility and comfortable registers. These mouthpieces also work well in Euphoniums.


S-Small Shank
L-Large Shank
BTB - Bass Trombone


Standard model for a Jazz and studio musician.
If TB-S-9D is too small, choose this model. Due to the increase in flexibility, an advanced player can play with much more expression.
One size deeper than TB-S-7D. Also plays well in all ensembles, jazz to brass band to orchestra.
This is the most popular model for a brass band or classical ensemble.
One size deeper than TB-S-6C. Its soft sound fits not only trombone but also euphonium.
One size larger than TB-S-6C. It produces a powerful sound ideal for a large ensemble.
This works well for a Euphonium. It helps to produce a soft and rich sound.
Produces a bright and clean sound. This mouthpiece works well with someone that plays pop music often with a large trombone. The small rim suits the high register well.
One size smaller than the standard model TB-L-6C. Good for Euhponiums
Medium rim size, cup depth, and weight. This mouthpiece is well balanced for all registers.
One size deeper than TB-L-6C. Good for the orchestra player that wants a more rich and heavy sound.
A deep cup for an orchestral trombonist or brass band euphoniumist.
One size larger than the TB-L-6C. It helps to create a powerful sound for orchestral players. Produces a mild-bright and powerful sound on Euphonium.
A good standard model for Euphonium. It helps to produce a soft sound but still remains powerful. Professional trombonists also prefer this model.
A large, deep mouthpiece. Produces a rich and deep bass sound for good support in an ensemble.
For bass trombonists who like a small rim. Convenient for switching between tenor and bass easily.
Helps to produce an aggressive and powerful sound but allows one the ability to play softly and rich. Great for orchestra
A deep cup and wide rim. Produces a very heavy bass trombone sound.