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Flugelhorn Mutes

101.trumpet.straight Stonelined Flugelhorn Straight Mute
Produces an outstanding precise and crisp straight mute sound throughout your horn. Universally used by brassmen everywhere. Enjoy playing this fine mute. A real buy.
102.Cup.Mute Stonelined Flugelhorn Cup Mute
Play with a rich, big open cup mute tones. Free easy-blowing in all registers. Excellent intonation of solo or section work. You'll experiance a command performance.
108.velvet-tone Stonelined Velvet-Tone Flugelhorn 5 7/8" - 6"
Fabulous big, full, open sound. Perfect for solo and sectional work.
joralflugelhorn Jo Ral Copper Bottom Wah Wah Bubble Flugelhorn Mute
Classified as a wah-wah type mute, this is the only bubble mute made specifically for flugelhorns. Its large bubble shape allows for a free-blowing sound in all registers and provides a distinctive buzz sound appreciated by jazz musicians.