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Trumpets in Other Keys

bach189small.jpg Bach 189 Eb Trumpet
Bach 189 Eb Trumpet, .459" bore $2,869.00

Bach 189XL Eb Trumpet, .462" bore $2,979.00

bachd180small.jpg Bach D180 D Trumpet
Bach D180 D Trumpet, medium bore $2,749.00

Bach D180 D Trumpet, medium-large bore $2,749.00

bachADE190Ssmall Bach Stradivarius Artisan Combination D/Eb Trumpet ADE190

ADE190S Shown


•.450" bore
•two 4-1/2" diameter one-piece hand-hammered tunable bells with flat rim in D and Eb
•separate set of slides for D and Eb
•special acoustic bell treatment
•enhanced radius ferrules
•Monel pistons
•2 sets of valve guides - brass/plastic
•1st slide split ring
•deluxe engraving
•clear lacquer finish
•C190DE deluxe case

•same as ADE190 except with Silver Plate

bachAE190Ssmall Bach Stradivarius Artisan Eb Trumpet AE190

AE190S Shown

•.462" bore
•4-13/16" diameter one-piece hand-hammered bell with flat rim
•special acoustic bell treatment
•extra dual bore main tuning slide
•enhanced radius ferrules
•Monel pistons
•2 sets of valve guides - brass/plastic
•1st slide split ring
•deluxe engraving
•clear lacquer finish
•C190E deluxe case

•Same as AE190 except with Silver Plate

eastman540Sebtrumpet-a.jpg Eastman 540S D/Eb Trumpet
.468" bore, 4.75" hand engraved, hand-spun silver plated yellow brass bell. Designed by German engineers and built by Chinese craftsmen, these excellent instruments offer professional-grade sound and features at a fraction of the price of the leading brands.
shireseflatsmall.jpg S.E. Shires 6F Eb/D Trumpet
All S.E. Shires trumpets feature a one-piece, hand-hammered bell with a traditionally brazed seam, hand-lapped Monel pistons, and the careful assembly and handcrafted methods that the S.E. Shires Company proudly proclaims with its slogan, Quality without Compromise. Shires E-flat trumpets feature several unique design elements that deliver intonation, facility, core, and projection to a degree unmatched by other tunable-bell trumpets. The availability of different interchangeable bell weights and treatments allows the player to assemble an instrument—or instruments—to meet musical demands ranging from the most delicate chamber music to the largest orchestral repertoire. All of our E-Flat trumpets feature a medium-large, standard-weight valve cluster, fixed leadpipe, and tunable bell.
schilkeE3L.jpg Schilke E3L Eb/D Trumpet
The E3L has been the benchmark for comparison for all other Eb trumpets in the marketplace. The tuning bell construction helps provide a balanced resistance and outstanding pitch. This instrument is the preferred Eb trumpet of nearly every major orchestral musician and soloist in the world today. In silver plate.
schilkeg1Lsmall Schilke G1L G/F Trumpet
Free Shipping! This instrument is suited for difficult oratorio performances of Bach and other baroque composers. It produces a brilliant tone and is very effective in high register symphonic work.
stomvieflatsmall.jpg Stomvi Elite Eb/D Trumpet
The 5510 Elite has two tunable bells and two sets of slides for either key, Eb or D. N� Mouth pipe: 6, N� Bell: 20 D /20 Eb, Bore: M, Bell (weight): Standard, Bell (material): Yellow brass, Bell (diameter): 115 mm, Bell (system): Detachable, Mouthpiece receiver: Light, Body (material): Yellow brass, Valve (material): Monel, Finish: Silver plated 1000 Thousandth, Finger hook: 1st and 3rd slide