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Revelation mouthpieces from Brasswind Research

Brasswind Research offers the world's only complete line of constant-pitch mouthpieces that range from extremely bright to extremely mellow-sounding in 12 logical steps. Each mouthpiece has a unique length in relation to cup size that permits each one to stay within an acoustic "sweet spot" as it relates to intonation and responsiveness.  They work well for most trumpets pitched in Bb, and trumpets in other keys that work well with conventional mouthpieces from makers like Bach, Schilke, and Yamaha. 

There are six basic models described below that range from about 2" to 4" in length.  Each model fits down inside an instrument's receiver just like any conventional mouthpiece.  You can "Hot-Swap" any mouthpiece in an instant withouth retuning, an exclusive feature!  There are six more "Plus-Series" models that sound and respond half-way between the Standard models.  This way almost any timbre of sound may be achieved.  

Designed as a two-part system for exceptional design flexibility, each mouthpiece body attaches to a separate rim with screw threads.  Sizes of the screw rims range from #0 to#8 in equal increments.  See rim size chart below.  Rims are also offered in variations of high or low pitch if needed, although most times the standard rim will work just find.  Custom rim shapes may also be obtained directly from Brasswind Research.


PLUS Series  

Six more models are designed halfway between those described below.  They are labeled A+, B+, C+, D+, E+, and F+
Other horns   Designs for cornet, flugelhorn, or trumpets in other keys all use the same cup shapes, but with different lengths and backbores.



RevelationA Revelation Model A - Altissimo
Features a shallow cup used by top studio artists who must often play high. Its longer and more open backbore design helps high notes lock-in stronger and helps the low range speak more clearly than older 20th Century designs. It is brilliant, yet never nasal or shrill …... players are amazed. With an even smaller cup, the Model A+ may become the ultimate “screamer” mouthpiece for trumpet.
RevelationB Revelation Model B - Bright
This model produces a dynamic “commercial” quality for players who need both a high range and a full sound. Its medium-shallow cup also allows you to “back off” a dynamic level and still blend in with most other players ….. perfect for Pops concerts and show-tunes. The Model B is a “must have” as a back-up mouthpiece for concerts requiring much endurance. Model B+ adds a bit more “zing” with a smaller cup and slightly longer shank.
RevelationC Revelation Model C - Classic
With a medium cup-depth and standard length, this model produces a full-bodied sound often associated with performance of solo literature in Classical music. It produces tonal colors of amazing depth and clarity. The Model C+ is popular as a flexible design that “bridges the gap” amongst a wide variety of musical styles.
RevelationD Revelation Model D - Dark
Has a deep cup that produces a more Teutonic sound often associated with music of the Romantic Period. Customers say it produces a warmer sound similar to some rather costly avant-garde instruments. With cornet, Model D has a vibrant, yet lyrical quality for solo work. With trumpet, it provides greater sense of "core sound" than traditional C-depth cups. It is also good for players who’s natural sound is “a bit too bright”. At lower dynamic levels, it is helpful in small rooms where an audience is close to the instrument.
RevelationE Revelation Model E - Elegant
With a classic cup size for British Brass Bands, this extra-deep model also produces a thick “blues sound” for trumpet. It adds an extra dimension to various brass ensembles ........ terrific as an extra voice for brass quintets, quiet church music, or as a new timbre in trumpet ensembles. Nice also for pianissimo entrances when a brighter sound fails to speak well at "ppp". Jazz trumpet players love it for more ballad-like solos.
RevelationF Revelation Model F - Flugel Tone
On a really short stem with a cup-size that looks huge, this is a model you have to experience to believe! It will make a trumpet or cornet sound almost the same as a flugelhorn, and for a lot less money. The short shank keeps pitch level on track, with intonation even better than some flugelhorns …....totally cool. It helps "American-style" cornets blend in well with the most mellow sounding British cornets.
rim Extra Rims



A Rim of your choice is included FREE with the purchase of  every mouthpiece body. When needed, a rim may be exchanged for another model at a very low fee: the cost of mailing.

Our Screw Rim designs give you the opportunity for precise selection, flexibility, and interchangeability when needed to solve specific problems, like Stretched Octaves, for different feel in the "bite" zone, or a different "lay" for the outer contact region. 

Basic sizes are labeled 0 to 8 in nine equal steps starting with Rim 0 that feels very large, to Rim 8 that feels very small. We take pride in holding extremely tight machining tolerances.

Our Mouthpiece Selection Chart (click HERE) shows dramatically how our sizes relate to mouthpieces measured from competitors products. It also shows wide variability of measured sizes from some "big name" brands:  Please note that m
easured variability can make the chart seem a bit odd at first glance.

Rim Profiles were designed only after an extensive survey of mouthpieces preferred by top players. The inner bite zone, top curvature, and outer lay reflect preferred geometries often seen amongst products from several manufacturers. Our rim profiles should work well for most players. We can customize too.

All Standard Rims have a "Medium Pitch Level" that help make our mouthpieces work well on most instruments.  High Pitch or Low Pitch rims are available when ascending scale-wise sharpness, or scale-wise flatness become a concern.