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Stomvi USA Bb/A Piccolo Trumpets

Stomvi Elite Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet 5706

Model 5706

  • Bore: M(.449")
  • 3.9-inch #18
  • silver plated with gold trim
  • Leadpipe: #8 Bb and #9A
  • Receiver: Cornet (standard) or Trumpet (optional)
  • Monel Pistons
  • 3rd Valve Slide Adjustment: Fixed Ring
  • Piston Regulation
  • no mouthpiece or case included

stomvimasterpiccolosmall.jpg Stomvi Master Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet

Model 5781

  • bore: M (.449")
  • 2 3.9" interchangeable screw bells, one in gold plated BellFlex brass, and one in sterling silver.
  • cornet shank(standard) or trumpet shank lead pipes (#8 and 9A) for Bb and A
  • monel valves
  • removable 4th slide with a G crook for easier trills and playing in G.
  • Silver Plated (gold plated available upon request)
  • Comes with a case and mouthpiece

TitanPiccBlanco Stomvi Titan Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet 5720

The Titan Bb/A Piccolo, comes with #18 bell, made using our proprietary Bellflex brass alloy and build which leads to more resonance and easier playability. Comes with both #8 and #9A leadpipes. Extra 4th valve small slide included, used for easier trills and playing in G. Silver plated with German silver caps and German silver Black onyx finger buttons. It plays very easily in both Bb and A and produces a big, centered piccolo sound. Available with either a trumpet shank receiver or cornet shank receiver.

  • M Bore .447 inch
  • 3.937 inch BellFlex Bell
  • Bb and A tuning pipes included (available with either trumpet or cornet receiver)
  • Monel pistons
  • Hand-lapped pistons and slides
  • Improved Amado Style Water Keys
  • German silver top and bottom caps
  • German silver Black onyx finger buttons
  • "G" slide included
  • Piston regulation
  • optional spring loaded 1st valve trigger available