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Shires Bb Trumpets

Introducing S.E. Shires Trumpets!



from the Shires website:

The S.E. Shires Company's trumpet designs are based on careful study of many current and historical models, as well as many years of experience customizing instruments for professional players. S. E. Shires trumpets combine the easy playability, faultless designs, with the complexity of sound of the most prized vintage instruments.

All S.E. Shires trumpets feature a one-piece, hand hammered bell with a traditionally brazed seam, hand-lapped Monel pistons, and of course the careful assembly and handcrafted methods that the S. E. Shires Company proudly embodies with its slogan: Quality without compromise.

Standard models include the leadpipe and tuning slide options determined to be the best fit for the body and bell type, and our standard mother-of-peal inlay finger buttons. Various other leadpipe options are available, sing-radius (round) tuning slides, and finger buttons in flat or concave metal or hardwood inlay. Finish options are silver plate, lacquer, or raw brass.

For information on all special order options, please download this Trumpet Spec Sheet.





shiresbb-small Shires Bb Trumpet - Model A

.459 bore standard weight valve cluster

"A" bell flare, yellow brass

Currently the most popular model, due to its singing tone, marvelous projection, and outstanding centered response throughout all registers.  If you play in a variety of musical settings and need an "all-around" instrument, this is a great place to start.

shiresbb-small Shires Bb Trumpet - Model AF

•Bore: .459 inch, Valve cluster: two-piece casings, standard weight, with nickel-silver balusters
AF Bell: 4 -inch, one-piece, hand-hammered, “A” (centered) taper in standard weight yellow brass with traditionally brazed seam, French (flat) bead, side seam, and dual-radius bell bend
W05 Leadpipe: .345-inch venturi, lightweight yellow brass; efficient, open and free blowing with well-defined slots and easy response

This popular variation on the standard S.E. Shires Model A trumpet features a special, slightly squarer bell bend with a side seam and French bead. These characteristics give its sound added complexity, cushion the blow slightly, and enhance its projection and power. The W05 leadpipe, incrementally more efficient that the WH, allows the player to produce the most delicate passages with ease despite the bold bell treatment. The S.E. Shires Model AF has a versatile sound that ranges from warm glow to clarion edge, while permitting a spectrum of subtleties in between.

shiresbb-small Shires Bb Trumpet - Model AHW

.459 bore standard weight valve cluster with second tuning slide brace

"A" Bell flare, heavy weight yellow brass; very solid feel, remarkable control in loud dynamics without sacrificing vivid tone color.

 Very similar to B59A, this model is geared primarily for players who like a heavier horn that provides a little more friendly resistance, particularly when the "step on the gas".  The feeling of security and slotting on this instument is fantastic.

shiresbb-small Shires Bb Trumpet - Model B

.459 bore standard weight valve cluster 

"B" bell flare, one-piece yellow brass; brilliant and open

This model appeals to players who crave a gib, bright tone and the most pointed articulations.  Many commercial players who have played this model particularly love the spread in the sound and ease of response in the upper resister.

shiresbb-small Shires Bb Trumpet - Model BLW

.459 bore light weight valve cluster 

"B" bell flare, one-piece light weight yellow brass; very bold and brilliant.

This horn is designed to be a combination of the security of our modern trumpets with a bit more "vintage" sound and spread.  It is warm and intimate when played softly but will sizzle easily when you open up.  The BLW bell allows an astounding array of tone colors while easily projecting to the back seats of any auditorium or theater.

shiresbb-small Shires Bb Trumpet - Model CLW

.459 bore light weight valve cluster 

"C" bell flare, one-piece light weight yellow brass; broad and resonant with a wide range of color and dynamic.

This could be the ultimate in combining a truly vintage "Pre-War" sound with modern centering.  If you've played vintage horns in the past and have been frustrated by the lack of consistency and/or poor intonation, this is your answer.  The sound probably has the greatest variety in tonal colors of all of the our models and still feels incredibly fluid throughout.

docshiresbb-small Shires Bb Trumpet - Doc Severinsen Destino III


  • .459 bore light weight valve cluster
  • "A" bell flare, standard weight, yellow brass, special annealing treatment
  • Narrow bracing between the bell and valve cluster and the valve cluster and leadpipe
  • W05 leadpipe with .345 venturi
  • Semi-round tuning slide with heavy crook, no brace
  • 1st valve slide weight, harmonic balancer
  • 3rd valve slide water-key
  • Special Doc engraving
  • Signed Doc certificate of authenticity

shiresbb-small Shires Custom Bb Model

Please call us for help choosing your custom order options.

Bell Shape

  • "A" Flare
  • "B" Flare
  • "C" Flare

Bell Weight

  • LW: light weight
  • MW: medium weight (standard)
  • HW: heavy weight

Bell Treatments

  • S: steel bead wire
  • E: annealed bell
  • SE: steel bead wire and annealed bell

Tuning Slides

  • Y - Free blowing with great slotting, round
  • X - More open than Z, with great response, standard on LW trumpets, square
  • Z - standard on standard and HW trumpets, square
  • W - Square - more open than Z with great response, standard on LW models
  • C - Semi-round - heavier, no brace, standard on Destino III
  • DB - Dual Bore - version of any of the above tuning slides


  • W - open & free blowing - standard venturi .347
  • Y - balanced between open feel and maximum stability - standard venturi .347
  • Z - offers most resistance for optimal projection - standard venturi .345