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Cronkhite Trumpet Cases

from the Cronkhite website:

Glenn Cronkhite cases began the gig bag industry. He founded Reunion BluesTM and designed, under licensing contract, the cases made in their San Francisco factory. He is no longer affiliated with RBTM or their trademark in any way. He keeps over 2000 patterns on file, and has a full line of stock and custom sizes in leather or fabric. His cases are manufactured and sold out of Berkeley, California.


Leather - black, dark chocolate brown, medium cinnamon brown, British tan (burnt umber)

Fabric - black, burgundy wine, forest green, dark blue, brown, tan

All Cronkhite Bags are a custom made, non-refundable order.   Please call for different colors.


imagecomingsoon.gif Cronkhite Tumpet Case

Dimensions: 24" x 9" x 6" Holds one trumpet

imagecomingsoon.gif Cronkhite Cornet Case

Holds one Cornet

imagecomingsoon.gif Cronkhite Flugelhorn Case

Holds one Flugelhorn

imagecomingsoon.gif Cronkhite Rotary Trumpet Case

Holds any rotary trumpet.  Also fits piston trumpets.

imagecomingsoon.gif Cronkhite Double Trumpet Case

Hold two two trumpets, or one trumpet with mutes.

imagecomingsoon.gif Cronkhite Double Trumpet \ Flugelhorn Case

Similar to the TRT1 Double trumpet case, but this can accommodate two trumpets or one trumpet and one Flugelhorn.

imagecomingsoon.gif Cronkhite Triple Trumpet Case

Fits 2 trumpets and a piccolo very well.

imagecomingsoon.gif Cronkhite Large Triple Trumpet Case

Slightly larger than the previous triple case.  Fits 2 trumpets and a flugelhorn.