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Trombone Harmon/Wah-Wah Mutes

JR tbn B Al.jpg Jo-Ral Tenor Trombone Bubble Wah-Wah Mute
Classified as a wah-wah type mute, the tenor trombone bubble mute features unique performance characteristics, including a louder buzz appreciated by jazz musicians. Its large bubble shape allows for a free-blowing sound in all registers, and it is designed to fit all tenor trombone bells.
JR btbn bbl.jpg Jo-Ral Bass Trombone Bubble Wah-Wah Mute
With its unique acoustical design, this mute sets a new standard for wah-wah type mutes. Its distinctive shape conforms to the contours of the bass trombone bell to provide a powerful muted sound when needed.
HarmonBonesmall.jpg Harmon E Model Aluminum Wah Wah Trombone Mute
The original Harmon Wow-Wow mute for trombone! Creates that classic Harmon buzz with a unique Harmon sound.