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from Warburton website:

The Warburton system lets you choose a combination of rim diameter, cup style and depth, with a backbore to best balance your sound and resistance. This flexibility means you can have the most efficient mouthpiece with which to perform in any given playing situation.

Our two-piece system consists of fully interchangeable "TOP" sections and "BACKBORE" sections. Due to the many demands placed upon the modern brass player, the variety of Warburton cup designs are able to produce the most desired sound in any playing idiom.

The backbore sizes compliment the cup designs and further assist in the refinement and "fine-tuning" of the sound. Consideration has been given even to the placement of the backbore into the receiver (amount of gap).

The Warburton system allows the player the opportunity to personally "balance" their equipment. This can now be accomplished without the necessity of traveling to a mouthpiece maker or waiting for a mail-order custom made piece that often does not work and cannot be exchanged.

Warburton backbores are available in thirteen standard sizes for Trumpet, Cornet, Schilke Piccolo Trumpet and Blackburn Piccolo Trumpet.

With many years of experience, the Warburton staff can assist you in choosing a mouthpiece well suited to your needs.

In addition to the Warburton component-based system, custom mouthpiece work is our specialty. We can modify any manufacturer's mouthpiece to work with Warburton components. Gold plating is available too.

All of the Precision Machined Warburton Trumpet Top Designs - including the signature models - are available in the following materials:

Warburton Trumpet Mouthpiece Tops

Lexan Clear Plastic | White Delrin Plastic | Silver Plated Brass | Gold Plated Brass

*The Lexan models are preferred by many players for hot weather use because the Lexan is less prone to slide around on sweaty skin, whereas for cold weather use players like the temperature-neutral characteristics of the Delrin. And, of course, they all fit the Warburton backbore you already have!