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Griego Trombone Mouthpieces

Christan Griego explains his line of mouthpieces: "It is my idea that mouthpieces maintain certain types of sounds because of the outer shape of the mouthpiece as well as the inner dimensions. The weights can add or detract to a players sound. The instrument must be in balance with the mouthpiece and player. Finding the right balance is the key to feeling the horn work with you rather than against you. Developing this mouthpiece line I have found what I believe to be Three very distinct outer shapes that provide very centered, consistent trombone timbers."



Our primary objective in creating the Griego-Alessi line was to provide you with both a great mouthpiece as well as a great mouthpiece series. Each series (1, 3, 5 or 7) currently has four models (A, C, E or F*) with identical cup diameters and rim shapes. The differences between the mouthpieces in each series are in the cup depths and throat dimensions. .


New York

The NY blank weighs slightly more than modern day Bach mouthpieces (Elkhart blanks). Its weight is distributed evenly around the bottom of the cup. This results in an even core of sound with overlapping overtones, creating a tone quality that is thicker than conventional mouthpieces. The NY also provides the mid-range overtones that are often lost with other mouthpieces.



The Deco blank is heavier in mass than the NY blank. The added weight is great for large bass trombone mouthpieces that may have thinner walls due to larger inner cup diameters. It is very free blowing and can provide a bigger, darker sound than mouthpieces with less weight. The Deco also provides stability, which can help define partials on those trombones where extra focus is needed.



Our newest mouthpiece blank, the Nouveau was created to give trombonists the flexibility a lighter mouthpiece can provide. It provides a width of sound and wider partial feel for a natural playing experience. Every tone and timbre can be manipulated, making the Nouveau a very expressive mouthpiece.