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Stork French Horn Mouthpieces

customoption-a.jpg Gold Plating for Stork French Horn Mouthpieces
Stork French Horn mouthpieces come standard in silver plate. Add this item to your shopping cart to upgrade any one Stork French Horn mouthpiece with gold plate finish.
storkhornmouthpiece.jpg Stork C Series Plus French Horn Mouthpieces
Stork has taken a great design and made it better. More options mean greater adaptability. The closer a mouthpiece comes to fitting your personal physiology, the greater the results you can expect to achieve.

If you have thinner lips, you'll probably want to go with the standard 17mm size. If you have thicker, fleshier lips, the larger 17.5mm or the 18mm size will give you more of the room you’ve been looking for. Need the width but not the cup depth? No problem! Try the CMA(B) or the CSA(B). If you want a shallower cup, but still need to get the air through, a larger bore size (the smaller numbers---#1 is the largest bore) will be right for you! No matter what your needs are, the "C" Series line has the flexibility to offer you the perfect match.
imagenotavailblethumb150 Stork Froydis Wekre Series French Horn Mouthpiece

The Froydis Wekre mouthpiece is a harmonic blend of the classic "V" shaped horn mouthpiece with a large, high volume bowl shaped cup.

storkhornmouthpiece.jpg Stork Myers Series French Horn Mouthpieces
"The basic problem of finding a mouthpiece that both provides a ring to the sound in soft playing, yet does not break-up in extremely loud playing finds its solution here. This mouthpiece is virtually impossible to over blow and the sound is quite even throughout the ranges. This mouthpiece has no traditional bowl, but rather curves in instead of down from the rim. This cup design, plus the slightly longer length of this mouthpiece, causes an M1 to feel like a conventional 4 or 5 bore and an M8 more like the conventional 12 bore. These mouthpieces simply do not take as much air to play as the same sized mouthpiece you are now using."
Philip Myers
Principal Horn, New York Philharmonic

The Meyers model French horn mouthpiece is available in bore sizes #1 - #8 (5.8mm through 5.1mm). The cup diameter measures 16.7mm and the rim is medium thin. The cup is deep and conically shaped.
storkorvalhornmouthpiece-a.jpg Stork Orval Series French Horn Mouthpieces
"The mouthpiece that I have chosen and that I utilize is a compromise, like all mouthpieces must be. The cup is slightly rounded which gives a warm sonority and the balanced proportions between the cup depth and the bore size gives an ease of response in all registers."
Francis Orval
Soloist, Recording Artist

The 5 or 5˝ is suggested for players with larger lips and teeth. The 6 is the most rarely used; the most often used is the 4˝.