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Blackjack Orchestral Mouthpieces by Curry

The Blackjack Orchestral Mouthpieces Videos
by Jeff Curnow

The mouthpieces listed here are the most popular Curry sizes. Please see the information below them for a full description of cup designs and the complete range of mouthpiece models available. The models in the chart not listed for sale on this page are available as special order items; please contact us at Thompson Music.

blackjackmouthpiece-a.jpg Blackjack 1.25M Orchestral Mouthpiece
.672" rim diameter, ZM cup
blackjackmouthpiece-a.jpg Blackjack 1.5C Orchestral Mouthpiece
.670" rim diameter, C cup
blackjackmouthpiece-a.jpg Blackjack 1.5Z Orchestral Mouthpiece
.670" rim diameter, Z cup
blackjackmouthpiece-a.jpg Blackjack 3C Orchestral Mouthpiece
.665" rim diameter, C cup
blackjackmouthpiece-a.jpg Blackjack 3M Orchestral Mouthpiece
.665" rim diameter, ZM cup
blackjackmouthpiece-a.jpg Blackjack 3Z Orchestral Mouthpiece
.665" rim diameter, Z cup
blackjackmouthpiece-a.jpg Blackjack 5M Orchestral Mouthpiece
.660" rim diameter, M cup
blackjackmouthpiece-a.jpg Blackjack 7Z Orchestral Mouthpiece
.652" rim diameter, Z cup

Cup Descriptions

TF Cup: Not a flugelhorn cup on a trumpet blank, but a brand-new design! It incorporates the depth of sound you get on a flugel piece without the excess cup volume that makes those style mouthpieces difficult to play. It is in tune to high C and above, yet you can play softly and firmly in the low register. Perfect for soft orchestral passages, intimate jazz settings, or for just "working out". The cup is roughly 1/3 concave (trumpet-like) and 2/3 convex (flugel-like) with a special backbore and a .153" (3.89mm) bore. To compensate for tuning, the mouthpiece is .400" shorter than the standard Curry length of 3.5" You can put this mpc. in the horn and leave your tuning slide in approximately the same position. Initial comments from a test group of Orchestral players and Jazz players have included words like "Perfect!, "Wow!"

TC Cup: Very similar to the TF design, but the bottom convex portion of the cup is 3/16" shallower. The TC has many of the same sound and playing characteristics of the TF cup, but has a slightly lighter blow. This cup will brighten when pushed and the upper register is easier to attain. A huge core is present in the sound.

BC Cup: The BC, or "Chicago" cup is actually a 1-piece version of the C rim combined with the Bach-style B cup. Excellent for orchestral work.

B Cup: The Curry B cup is more like a deeper C cup (The Bach B cup is more funnel shaped, and has a different rim). Good when a deep rich tone is required.

C Cup: The Curry C cup is patterned after the Mount Vernon C cups. Each diameter in the line has its own unique shape. Great for all-around work.

DE Cup: The DE cup is also a medium depth mouthpiece. It features a slightly more open 2nd cup that allows good volume without getting too edgy. Crossover and piccolo trumpeters will find this an attractive cup. Now Offered in the Curry Cornet shank as the "P" (Piccolo trumpet Model).

ZM Cup: The Curry ZM cup (usually marked "M" on the mpc.) has proven to be an excellent "crossover" mouthpiece for those players who need to play both classical and jazz. Slightly shallower than the C cup, it's medium cup has enough tone to satisfy most classical needs, yet is bright enough to play parts in a big band.

Star Cup: The Star cup is a more bowl-shaped mouthpiece that provides a sparkling tone and crisp attacks. Also medium in depth, it favors commercial work.

Z Cup: The Z cup is often preferred by lead trumpeters and those who play the higher piccolo trumpet parts. The rim and undercut give support in the upper register. Big sound, rather than edgy, is characteristic of this cup.

XS Cup: The XS cup is ideal for those players who have very little lip intrusion into the cup. It needs to be played with a light touch and fast air in order to exploit it's capabilities!


Trumpet and Cornet Standard Bore .1455" (3.7mm) This may be classified as a “loose #27 drill.” It allows a #27 reamer to pass easily through the throat after plating. Smallest Bore available is #29 .136" (3.45 mm). All “B” cups are a standard #26 bore. BC cup mouthpieces are a #24 bore. Z and XS cups (December 2008) now come standard with a #28 throat and 50S backbore (High Compression format).


Years of research has proved that that backbore volume, along with rates of taper and shape, determine the overall blowing characteristics of a mouthpiece. Curry has designed the most balanced combinations for the great majority of players:

• BC Cups --- #2 (“Schmidt” - style)
• B and C cups --- #10 standard
• Star, DE, ZM, and 600 Series cups --- #X10 standard
• Z and XS cups --- #50S standard with #28 throat


Engineered like no other mouthpiece, the Curry Standard Line incorporates the same rim and bitepoint on the shallowest to the deepest cup within each diameter. This feature gives you the freedom to select the right cup for the job without having to get used to a different rim.

There is a gradual reduction of undercut, or initial slope into the main, or first cup, from the deeper B cup, to the shallow XS cup. This feature reduces the volume of the first cup. It also allows for more support in the upper register and a progressively brighter sound. The second cup is the convex portion of the cup that connects the first cup with the bore, or drill hole. Second cup dimensions are especially critical in determining resistance, definition of attacks, as well as the overall character and timbre of sound. Second cup dimensions in the Curry Standard Line are consistent throughout each diameter, so that a relatively shallow 3Z has many of the same sound characteristics as the deeper 3C or 3B cups.