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V-Raptor Bb Trumpets

The V~Raptor trumpets are designed and built in Los Angeles by K.O. Skinsnes at The Brass Spa---the custom shop at Stomvi USA, which also designs and manufactures the state-of-the-art Flex Mouthpieces.

Thompson Music is the exclusive United States dealer of The Brass Spa instruments and mouthpieces.

Stomvi-VRII-Bb-Thompsonmusicsmall.jpg Stomvi VRII Bb Trumpet
The VRII Bb trumpet is designed to give you maximum sound for minimal effort.

This is accomplished with an air column designed to be in tune below the level of human discrimination ( ± 5 cents), and an extremely resonant proprietary brass alloy and build.

Each VRII is assembled one at a time by expert craftsmen, and inspected and tested using machine and human testing to assure the highest quality.

The VRII has the same air column as our V~Raptor. By incorporating a new, extremely resonant brass alloy, Bellflex, we have increased the efficiency along with improving the sound output.

The VRII has more lows in the sound, making it easier to hear from behind as well as further enhancing its flexibility.