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Used Jet Tone Mouthpieces

Each used mouthpiece has been given a number, from 1-5, describing the condition of the mouthpiece.
Conditions within these general categories may vary somewhat from mouthpiece to mouthpiece.
We will not sell a mouthpiece that is unusable.
All used mouthpieces are available to play test on approval (with valid credit card for insurance).

The condition numbers are as follows:

1. Mint or near mint condition - barely used.
2. Slight surface scratches, in the body or in the shank.
3. Minor nicks in the rim.
4. Wear or discoloration in the finish.
5. Dings or dents in the body.

Jet Tone 7D cornet mouthpiece UMT 1303
Jet Tone Al HIrt M Trumpet shank UMT 1305
Jet Tone Studio Model 10D Trumpet shank UMT 1307