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Conn Bb Trumpets

C.G. Conn has re-entered the high-end brass instrument market with the introduction of a new line of professional trumpets. Vintage One combines the best of the classic C.G. Conn trumpets with a modern design. These horns are designed to be well-balanced and compatible with each player's concept of sound. The Vintage One trumpet features a .459" bore, 46 standard leadpipe, one standard tuning slide (darker, mellower tone) and one Single Radius tuning slide (brighter sound with less resistance), Modular Valve Weight System kit (allows the player to customize slotting characteristics and brightness/darkness of timbre), and a double case.
vintageonessmall.jpg Conn Vintage One Bb Trumpet -- Sterling Silver Bell
Sterling silver, a more dense metal than brass, combines the benefits of both yellow and red brass alloys, without compromising either: it affords increased projection and will support powerful, brilliant playing (as does yellow brass), yet with its more pronounced overtone series it also creates a rich, warm, gorgeous tone (as does red brass).
1BSGP -- 24k gold-plate trim finish $2,869.00
vintageonersmall.jpg Conn Vintage One Bb Trumpet -- Rose Brass Bell
Rose brass is the ideal alloy for players who are especially interested in richness and nuances of tone. With its higher copper content, a rose brass bell will provide a rich, dark sound at lower dynamic levels, but will tend to reach "red line" brilliance levels faster than a yellow brass bell.
1BRSP -- in silver plate $2,589.00
1BR -- in lacquer $2,469.00
vintageonebsmall.jpg Conn Vintage One Bb Trumpet -- Yellow Brass Bell
Yellow brass, the standard alloy for brass instrument bells, supports powerful, brilliant playing.
1BSPG -- silver plate with 24k gold plate trim $2,869.00
1BSP -- in silver plate $2,489.00
1B -- in lacquer $2,369.00
connstellationsmall.jpg CONNstellation Bb Trumpet
The Conn 52BSP CONNstellation Professional Bb Trumpet features a large .462" bore, a 4.9" seamless bell, plus a reverse leadpipe and rounded tuning slide that make this instrument very free-blowing. The CONNstellation trumpets offer an easy and quick response, plus a consistent and vibrant tone in all registers. The unique Modular Valve Weight System allows each player to customize the sound and response of the CONNstellation trumpet by adding or removing weight. Includes a mouthpiece and deluxe wood case.
52BSP -- in silver plate $1,519.00
52B -- in lacquer $1,399.00