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Eastman French Horns

Andreas Eastman French horns are designed to give the player confidence and ease of playing. With several possibilities of wrap, Eastman Winds has chosen the popular Kruspe style to enter this market. Each horn features a mouthpipe that is specially tapered for an open sound, even response throughout the registers, and accurate intonation. Hand-lapped and tapered valves with tapered bearings allow for quick spatula response and a professional feel. Both the valve slides and tuning slides have been hand-lapped and hand-fit surpassing many French horns in the field. All Eastman French horns feature brass inner tubes and nickel silver outer tubes. These features set the Eastman line of French horns apart in both quality of design and construction and beauty of sound.
efh520a-thumb.jpg Eastman 500 series French Horn
key of F/Bb double horn with Kruspe-style wrap, .468" bore, 12.4" handspun gold brass engraved bell, engraved valve caps, epoxy lacquer finish, mouthpiece and upgraded Eastman fiberglass case