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Stomvi C Trumpets

In 1976, Vicente Honorato Ibáñez started a company to manufacture fine jewelery. An avid music lover, he decided in 1982 to dedicate his life to the design and production of high quality brass instruments. It was two years later that he introduced the Stomvi line of trumpets and mouthpieces to the world. Ibáñez contributed all his jewelers' skill to the creation of Stomvi instruments, incorporating his expertise in machining and problem-solving---his story is similar to that in the 16th and 17th centuries at Nuremberg, where musical instruments were created by goldsmiths and jewelers of that period. Those who know Ibáñez say he has a virtuoso's ear and can distinguish the finest subtleties of pitch and timbre. He tailors his instruments to the requirements of the great instrumentalists who visit him every day. His Stomvi manufacturing plant is located in the city of Xirivella (Valencia), Spain.
stomvititanCtrumpet-a.jpg Stomvi Titan C Trumpet

The Titan series of instruments were born out of Vicente's love for Classical music---one of his favorite works is Mahler's First Symphony, also known as "The Titan." The Titan trumpets feature Stomvi USA's trademark BellFlex alloy, and have great pitch, slotting, and a big sound. The entire trumpet section of the British Royal Philharmonic Orchestra currently plays Stomvi Titan trumpets.

Stomvi Master C Trumpet
Master Series trumpets consistently deliver legendary sound and they have been the hallmark of the Stomvi line. The care and attention given to sound projection and clarity, response, valve action, and overall playability provides a legendary sound that is unrivaled. Highly consistent workmanship and quality control ensure that your Stomvi delivers the sound players have come to expect.

The Master's interchangeable bells and leadpipes allow the player to change their sound without switching instruments. The Stomvi 5281 Master C Trumpet features a #1-standard and #3-open interchangeable one-piece leadpipe design with tuning bell bows, plus bells of #23 taper gold plated yellow brass and #26 taper Sterling Silver.
stomvielitectrumpet-a.jpg Stomvi Elite C Trumpet
The Stomvi Elite C Trumpet is known for a focused tone with excellent projection. This trumpet has a yellow brass silver-plated bell and is available in medium-large and large bore sizes. A trumpet well-suited to orchestral or solo work.