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Bach C Trumpets

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Each of the standard Bach C trumpet bells---the 239 and the 229---exhibits much less flare, and thus a brighter timbre, than any of the Bach Bb bells. The 239 produces a darker, richer, broader sound, and the 229 a brighter and more focused sound with more core and better projection.

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bachAC190Ssmall Bach Stradivarius Artisan C Trumpet AC190

AC190S Shown


•.462" bore
•4-13/16" diameter one-piece hand-hammered bell with flat rim
•special acoustic bell treatment
•enhanced radius ferrules
•Monel pistons
•2 sets of valve guides - brass/plastic
•1st slide split ring
•deluxe engraving
•clear lacquer finish
•C190DBL deluxe double case

•Sames as AC190 except with Silver Plate

chicagocsmall.jpg Bach Stradivarius Chicago C Trumpet
In April of 1955, Vincent Bach completed and delivered six C trumpets to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Four were selected by individual members of the trumpet section and purchased by the Orchestra. Today, almost fifty years later, these trumpets are still revered, still in use, and still the property of the Chicago Symphony. Each instrument is assigned to a specific section member.

Conn-Selmer has re-introduced this legendary instrument as the Bach Stradivarius "Chicago" C trumpet, closely based on the original designs. The model (C180SL229CC) is faithful to the original blueprints in many details: a special #25 leadpipe (moderate resistance, effective in centering tone production) based on the 1947 design, #229 bell (produces a brighter, more focused sound than the standard #239 bell, that really projects out through an orchestra), widefoot bell to leadpipe braces, narrower braces at the bell to valve casing and valve casing to leadpipe, etc. Special edition double trumpet case. Available in silver plate only.
chicagocsmall.jpg Bach Stradivarius Philadelphia C Trumpet
$3,069.00 Bach Stradivarius Philadelphia C Trumpet
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In June of 2007, the members of the Philadelphia Orchestra came to Tedd Waggoner (production manager at Vincent Bach) with the desire for an instrument like the Chicago C trumpet with a broader, darker, richer sound. The result is the Philadelphia C trumpet, which features the same specification as the Chicago C, but with a standard-weight bell. Today the entire section of the Philadelphia Orchestra plays on this trumpet.
BachC180SLsmall.jpg Bach Stradivarius 229/25H C Trumpet
$3,069.00 Bach Stradivarius 229/25H C Trumpet
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Bach's best-selling C trumpet, this model (the C180SL229W30) features the 25H Adolph Herseth leadpipe (hence the "H"). The 25H requires a good deal of air to play, but with sufficient breath support it can produce a huge sound. Large bore to allow for greater power and projection, with a standard weight #229 bell---similar to the #43 Bb bell, the #229 produces a brighter, more focused sound than the standard #239 bell, that really projects out through an orchestra. Includes a genuine Vincent Bach mouthpiece and case. Available in silver plate.
BachC180SLsmall.jpg Bach Stradivarius 180L C Trumpet

The Bach C180 Stradivarius Series Professional C Trumpet is a superb trumpet for the classical musician. The C180 features a one-piece hand hammered bell for superior tone and resonance. The standard-issue #239 bell (the C trumpet equivalent of the #37 Bb bell) produces a big, dark, rich sound, with the 25C leadpipe---standard-issue and the right choice for most people---offering moderate resistance and helping to center tone production. The .459" medium-large bore is the standard on Bach trumpets; the .462" large bore allows for greater power and projection, but it requires more effort to play. Includes a genuine Vincent Bach mouthpiece and wood shell case.

C180L in lacquer $2,759.00
C180SL in silver plate $2,899.00