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Getzen Cornets

From the top of the line Custom Series Cornets to our entry level student line, all Getzen instruments are built with the same skill and dedication to quality. You will find the same high standards on a trumpet intended for an orchestra as you will for a trumpet bound for a child's first recital.

All Getzen cornets feature hand spun bells made from the finest materials available. Whether its the one piece, hand hammered bell of the Custom Series and Artist Model lines, or the seamless bells on the 300/400 Series, the quality of the bell shines through in the sound of each trumpet.

The heart and soul of every Getzen Cornet is the valve section and the same legendary Getzen valve action can be found on all of our trumpets. That is in no small part thanks to our hand-lapped, nickel silver pistons, arguably the fastest and most durable pistons on the market today.

Finally, every Getzen Cornet is hand mounted and assembled by our staff of highly trained craftsmen and women. The same care is put into every trumpet that goes through the factory. Whether the trumpet was built in the ProShop or in general production, you can rest assured that it was made by some of the most skilled hands in the industry.

Custom options are listed at the bottom of the page.
getzen3850customBbcornet-a.jpg Getzen Custom Bb Cornet
Following the popularity of the Custom Series Trumpets, a line of Custom Series Cornets has been designed for the professional musician. Expanding on the success of the original 850 Eterna Cornet and adding to it several new and innovative features, the all new 3850 Custom Series cornet was born.

The 3850 Bb features many of the same great features found on all Custom Series trumpets. This includes nickel silver balusters, yellow brass inside slide tubes, and of course, our legendary nickel plated, nickel silver pistons. The 3850 also comes standard with a seamless copper bell. This combination of features gives the 3850 its trademark, traditional cornet sound and makes it perfect for brass band settings.

custom options available with this model:
•24K gold plate finish •beaded lacquer finish •beaded silver plate finish •beaded 24k gold plate finish •hand engraving •custom etching •4¾" one-piece rose brass bell •4¾" one-piece yellow brass bell
Getzen 3850S in silver plate $2,019.00
Getzen 3850 in lacquer $1,895.00
getzen3810customCcornet-a.jpg Getzen Custom C Cornet
After the great success of the 3850 Custom Series Bb cornet, the professional cornet line up was expanded to include an outstanding orchestral C cornet.

The 3810 Custom Series C cornet is an upgraded and improved version of the original 810 Eterna cornet. The upgrades include nickel silver balusters, an all new leadpipe design, and a one piece, hand hammered, yellow brass bell. The new and improved 3810 is perfect for orchestral situations that call for a C cornet thanks to its unsurpassed intonation, ease of play, and excellent tonal production.

custom options available with this model:
•24K gold plate finish •beaded lacquer finish •beaded silver plate finish •beaded 24k gold plate finish •hand engraving •custom etching •lever waterkeys •first slide trigger
Getzen 3810S in silver plate $2,085.00
Getzen 3810 in lacquer $1,959.00
getzen3892customEbcornet-a.jpg Getzen Custom Eb Cornet
Following the increased popularity of the 3850 Bb cornet with brass band players, the Custom Series line was expanded to offer an outstanding new Eb cornet.

The all new 3892 Custom Series Eb cornet is a perfect addition to the Custom Series line. It includes the same great features players have come to expect from Getzen professional small brass, such as nickel silver balusters and seamless or one piece bells. The 3892 comes standard with a 4¾" seamless copper bell similar to that found on the 3850 Bb. In addition, the 3892 offers a revolutionary new idea in tuning bit design. Each 3892 comes standard with two different tuning bit/leadpipe tubes. One tube provides a more traditional British Brass Band style of sound while the other offers a slightly brighter, more American sound. All of this together combines to make the ideal Eb cornet for every playing style or situation.

custom options available with this model:
•24K gold plate finish •beaded lacquer finish •beaded silver plate finish •beaded 24k gold plate finish •hand engraving •custom etching •4¾" one-piece yellow brass bell •lever waterkeys •first slide trigger
Getzen 3892S in silver plate $2,149.00
Getzen 3892 in lacquer $2,019.00
customoption-a.jpg 4¾" One-Piece Rose Brass Bell --- Getzen Custom Option
customoption-a.jpg 1st Slide Trigger --- Getzen Custom Option
customoption-a.jpg 4¾" One-Piece Yellow Brass Bell --- Getzen Custom Option
customoption-a.jpg Beaded Lacquer Finish --- Getzen Custom Option
customoption-a.jpg Beaded Silver Plate Finish --- Getzen Custom Option
customoption-a.jpg Lever Waterkeys --- Getzen Custom Option
customoption-a.jpg Custom Etching --- Getzen Custom Option
Please contact our shop to discuss pricing and the nature of the etching.
customoption-a.jpg Hand Engraving --- Getzen Custom Option