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Eastman C Trumpets

Andreas Eastman trumpets are made to bring a professional sound and feel to all levels of trumpet playing. The Eastman process of trumpet making takes great care to blend both technology and the work of skilled craftspeople. Eastman's proprietary bell spinning process produces a graduated brass thickness that gives the player a professional sound. Hand-lapped valves further the professional features of Andreas Eastman trumpets. The artistic engraving on the Andreas Eastman trumpet utilizes the latest technology in a diamond tipped engraving process.
etr530ctrumpet-2.jpg Eastman 530 series C trumpet
A remarkable value, the Eastman 530 C trumpet offers top-of-the-line, professional grade sound and features at a fraction of the cost of the leading brands. The sound is centered and has a solid core, and the hand-lapped valves are flawlessly smooth.

Yellow brass---the standard alloy in trumpet bells---has the lowest copper content and is associated with bright, brilliant tone. Gold brass contains more copper and allows richer timbre, but does not support powerful playing and loud dynamics as well as yellow brass; gold brass is a good compromise between yellow brass and red brass, which has the highest copper content and is often used in flugelhorn bells.

Available in silver plate finish.
ETR530GS: gold brass bell, 24k gold plated top and bottom valve caps $1,504.00
ETR530S: yellow brass in silver plate $1,424.00