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Trumpet Miscellaneous Mutes

TCOR-8.jpg TrumCor Trumpet Lyric Stealth Mute
This practice mute is unique in that it responds evenly in all registers without compression distortion. It is designed for warming up or long periods of quiet practicing.
TCOR-9.jpg TrumCor Trumpet Super Stealth Mute
Like the Lyric Stealth, the Super Stealth has an even response in all registers. It is ultra-soft, with more sound absorbtion and resistance than the Lyric Stealth.
ShortcutJoRalsmall Jo Ral Short Cut

The brass shortcut is an innovative accessory for the trumpet, that improves and builds the embouchure and the lip, and allows the musician to warm up without using the instrument. Convenient and compact, the shortcut is only 5 1/2 inches long, including the ventura, and it comes with an instruction manual and warm-up exercises.
108.velvet-tone Stonelined Velvet-Tone Mute Trumpet 4"
Fabulous big, full, open sound. Perfect for solo and sectional work.
108.velvet-tone Stonelined Velvet-Tone Mute Trumpet 5"
Fabulous big, full, open sound. Perfect for solo and sectional work.
pixietrumpetmutesmall Stone Lined Pixie Straight Trumpet Mute
Small metal straght mute allows for plunger work
3waycupsmall 3-Way Cup for Trumpet, Best Brass
Best Brass cup trumpet mute, 3- way mute, Straight, Cup or Plunger, made of aluminium, brass bottom, plastic cup, perfect in tune, silver
hb103.jpg Humes & Berg Cleartone Trumpet Mute
Also known as a "Solotone Mute" It is a brilliant and mellow soprano distinctive sound that projects out clearly Gives a desired tonal effect for the soloist and a complete brass section.
The Softone Mute for Brass - Trumpet
Whether you're practicing or performing, Softone mutes improve sound quality and create a variety of tones for trumpet, tenor trombone, and bass trombone. Made of soft, non-toxic neoprene, Softone mutes are lightweight and easy to use. They won't stain or scratch your bell, and they fold up easily for storage. Can be used as a practice or bucket mute.