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Trumpet Cup Mutes

TCOR-6.jpg TrumCor Trumpet Classical Cup Mute
This cup mute is suitable for symphonic, studio or solo playing. Its adjustable cup allows for a variety of tonal flexibility. The Classical Cup is responsive and in tune throughout all registers.
yahcup.jpg Yamaha Trumpet Cup Mute Aluminum
wick tpt cup.jpg Denis Wick Trumpet Cup Mute
wcsctmcc.jpg Windy City Trumpet Stationary Cup Mute Copper Cup
Free blowing in all registers with a darker richness in sound than the aluminum cup mute.
joralcup.jpg Jo-Ral Trumpet Tri-Tone Cup Mute
wcactm.jpg Windy City Trumpet Adjustable Cup Mute
By moving the beehive designed cup to different positions, new dimensions in sounds and tonal flexibility are achieved. The cup won't drop off. A specially formulated rubber lines the rim of the cup, preventing vibration. A pleasure to use and hear.
wcsctmaa.jpg Windy City Trumpet Stationary Cup Mute Aluminum
This professionally designed mute is tuned to be free blowing in all registers. It has good range and the sound quality is best described as rich, abundant, and fuzzy. It is suitable for a variety of playing styles.
J1MUTE.jpg Harmon Triple Mute for Trumpet Triple Play
Can be used as a straight mute, a cup mute and a plunger mute.
102.Cup.Mute Stonelined Trumpet Cup Mute
Play with a rich, big open cup mute tones. Free easy-blowing in all registers. Excellent intonation of solo or section work. You'll experiance a command performance.
bachcup.jpg Bach Trumpet Cup Mute
trumcoraluminumadjustabletrumpetcup.jpg TrumCor Trumpet Adjustable Aluminum Cup Mute
TrumCor's newest innovation comes with two adjustable cups. One is a normal cup, and the other is our new "bowl" design. The "bowl" cup generates an enormous sound and is particularly helpful in freeing up the upper and lower registers. Both cups are suited for all types and genres of playing.
tomcrowncup.jpg Tom Crown Trumpet Cup Mute Aluminum
tomcrowncupcopper.png Tom Crown Trumpet Cup Mute all Copper