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Trombone Practice Mutes

bestbrasstrombone.jpg Best Brass Trombone Practice Mutes
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Best Brass has developed an excellent warm-up and practice mute that allows playing throughout all ranges and dynamic levels with uncompromised intonation and tone. You can play almost anytime, anywhere without projecting a resonant sound, allowing for backstage warm-up or apartment room practice. These mutes are very small, barely protruding from the bell.
Please choose either the tenor or bass trombone model.
JrMutes.jpg Best Brass Tenor Trombone Junior Practice Mute
Best Brass has added a plastic version of their wonderful practice mute.
softonemute.jpg The Softone Mute for Brass - Trombone
Whether you're practicing or performing, Softone mutes improve sound quality and create a variety of tones for trumpet, tenor trombone, and bass trombone. Made of soft, non-toxic neoprene, Softone mutes are lightweight and easy to use. They won't stain or scratch your bell, and they fold up easily for storage.
TrumCorStealthREAL TrumCor Trombone Lyric Stealth Mute
This practice mute is unique in that it responds evenly in all registers. When used for warming up or quiet practicing, one experiences air resistance and articulation compression that are similar in feel to those conditions found in normal playing.
TrumCorSuperStealth TrumCor Trombone Super Stealth Mute
The Super Stealth practice mute is ultra-soft and has more sound absorbtion than a Stealth.
YamahaTrbSilentBrassBigP Yamaha Silent Brass Systems for Trombone
SB5-9 Silence Has Never Sounded So Good Silent Brass Systems (a set of a module and a mute) For Trombone Yamaha's Silent Brass System offers the advantage of practicing or playing at times, and in places you couldn't before. And offers privacy for those a bit timid about having others hear their not so perfect notes. Simply plug in earphones to hear yourself in your own personal performance environment. The internal electronics can also enhance the sound digitally, to mimic the acoustics of a larger room. You can play along with your favorite pre-recorded music by plugging in a CD favorite pre-recorded music by plugging in a CD player and use the output jack to connect to an external amplifier or recorder to share your music with others.