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Phaeton Bb Trumpets

Phaeton has raised the bar for trumpet quality, finish, and playability with this line of instruments from PJLA Music. These outstanding horns include:
• ideal weight distribution and balance for playing comfort
• an innovative, newly-designed leadpipe
• advanced Venturi design
• precision-weighted finger buttons for fast action
• sweeping, heavy-weight solid brass bracing
• incredible new finishes, including Black Onyx

All Phaeton trumpets come standard in a super pro-deluxe vintage tweed custom textured leather bound/trim case with plush blanket cover, plated solid brass hardware, durable padded leather handle, rich Burgundy plush interior, extra large storage for mutes, and mouthpiece holder. 3C custom silver plated mouthpieces comes standard.

phaetonfxone-a.jpg Phaeton model 1100 FX Bb Trumpet in Antique Brass

The new Phaeton FX trumpet offers a number of outstanding, exclusive innovations developed by Phaeton's acoustical engineers:

  • A heavy mouthpiece receiver that adds a new dimension of control at the critical point of tone production.
  • A faster-tapered leadpipe with a larger bore enables a greater dynamic range. Coupled with the larger Phaeton bell, it is impossible to over-blow this instrument.
  • Reversed tuning slides and leadpipe provide for the smoothest uninterrupted airflow imaginable.
  • 3 sets of interchangeable braces, machined from bronze, stainless steel, and annealed brass. Every player now has the option to fine-tune his instrument for custom balance, to suit his taste and performing requirements.

Add to these the remarkable short piston stroke design for ultimate speed, along with Phaeton's well-known Brushed Brass finish, artistic Solid Brass, hex-designed, weighted top and bottom caps and finger buttons, and you've got the greatest and most appealing trumpet available in the world today!

phaetonblackonyxfinish-a.jpg Phaeton model 2040 Bb Trumpet in Onyx Finish
Deep black plated onyx custom finish throughout with 24K gold finger buttons. Monel pistons, one piece yellow brass bell, .46 bore.
phaetonsilverplatefinish-a.jpg Phaeton model 2050 Bb Trumpet in Silver
Deep bright silver plate throughout with 24K gold finger buttons. Monel pistons, one piece yellow brass bell, .46 bore.
phaetonantiuqebrushedfinish-a.jpg Phaeton model 2030 Bb Trumpet in Antique Brass
Antique brushed brass clear coat finish, with same finished trim throughout. One piece yellow brass bell, monel pistons, .46 bore.
phaetongoldlacquerfinish-a.jpg Phaeton model 2020 Bb Trumpet in Gold Lacquer
Traditional gold lacquer finish, all gold lacquer trim outfit complete. One piece bell construction made of yellow brass. Monel pistons and 0.46 bore.
imagecomingsoon.gif Phaeton model 2060 Bb Trumpet in Matte Silver Finish
Matte Silver finish body with Bright Silver finished tuning slides, water keys & inside of bell. Finger buttons are weighted solid brass 24 Carat Gold plate.