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Kanstul Bb Trumpets

Please call for prices on all Kanstul instruments.

All Kanstul instruments are made to order. Please contact us before placing an order. Thank you.
zkt1600wbthumb.jpg Kanstul Signature Series ZKT1600 WB Bb Trumpet
One of the best values on the market in new Bb trumpets, the 1600WB is inspired by recording artist Wayne Bergeron. This versatile horn features a special one-piece bell that blows like a wide-flare bell to allow a dark, warm sound, but because it has thinner guage brass, you can also create a great "sizzle," a brilliant edge and vibrancy to the tone, with a bit more air and the right mouthpiece. Available in brushed lacquer; mouthpiece and case not included. PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING: 402-289-9699.
cct900ssmall.jpg Kanstul Custom Series CCT900 Bb Trumpet
Since the inception of the Custom Class Series in 1980, the focus of Kanstulís design and development program has been to translate the vast manufacturing expertise of the company into an affordable line of instruments to meet the standards of professional-level performance. The result is Kanstulís Custom Class Series, comprised of superior level brass instruments designed to meet the performance standards of players from all levels from the advanced student to the discerning professional. The Kanstul CCT900 Custom Class Series Bb trumpet offers and outstanding instrument for all-around use. Features a .460-inch bore with a 4.8-inch E taper bell design for excellent response plus a reverse leadpipe for a full rich sound that is compact and centered; includes a Gladstone hard case and mouthpiece and is available in lacquer (900-1) or silver (900-2) finish. PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING: 402-289-9699.
zkt1500athumb.jpg Kanstul Signature Series ZKT 1500A Bb Trumpet
This trumpet is an excellent choice for the jazz or symphonic player. It has a full centered sound with great projection. Each Zigmant Kanstul Signature Series instrument embodies a meticulous attention to detail. From hand-fitted Monel valves to the hand-fitted slides, the Signature Series offers the ultimate in sound and performance for the professional player. The ZKT 1500A Bb Trumpet features a 5" diameter one piece bronze bell, heavy receiver and weighted valve caps. It comes with two tuning slides: a standard single brace for more flexibility, and a weighted brace for greater sound focus, and is available in brushed lacquer or silver finish. (Mouthpiece and case not included.) PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING: 402-289-9699
zkt1500thumb.jpg Kanstul Signature Series ZKT1500 Bb Trumpet
The ZKT 1500 Bb Trumpet features a heavy-walled five inch hand crafted one piece copper bell that produces a big, dark, symphonic sound. It is free blowing with an open, medium large bore. PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING: 402-289-9699
zkt1502thumb.jpg Kanstul Signature Series ZKT1502 Bb Trumpet
The 1502 Bb is designed for lead playing and other high register work, the medium .460" bore, #2 mouthpipe, and 1S taper bell helping the player to produce a focused and bright trumpet sound. PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING: 402-289-9699
zkt1504thumb.jpg Kanstul Signature Series ZKT1504 Bb Trumpet
The 1504 model incorporates a wider-tapered #72 bell and a wider bore than the 1503, allowing a warmer, darker, more powerful sound, less resistance, increased flexibility, and greater focus; these are design features characteristic of cornets, but to a much lesser degree, as are the resultant playing characteristics. Available in lacquer (1504-1) or silver plate (1504-2). Mouthpiece and case not included. PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING: 402-289-9699.