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protectrombonemutebag-a.jpg Pro Tec Trombone Mute Bag
Mute bags may be clipped to any case or carried separately using the removable shoulder strap.
protecbasstrombonemutebag-a.jpg Pro Tec Bass Trombone Mute Bag
This bag is great for your bass trombone mutes.

This bag features soft, non-abrasive lining, interior dividers, ID tag, roomy exterior pocket, and shoulder strap. It also features an exterior latch to be clipped to any case while you are on the go.
manhassetmuteholder.jpg Manhasset Trombone Mute Holder
These mute holders are made of plastic and attach to most music stands. The trombone mute holder will also hold a 16 oz. cup.