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protectrumpetmutebag-a.jpg Pro Tec Trumpet Mute Bag
Mute bags may be clipped to any case or carried separately using the removable shoulder strap.
trumcormutespackage.jpg TrumCor Trumpet Mutes Package

TrumCor mutes are carefully hand-crafted with wood and a specially formulated resonant fiber material. They create a muted tone that is vibrant, warm and responsive. These mutes are durable, and the wide selection of sizes ensures a proper fit and excellent intonation. TrumCor mutes produce a beautiful sound and preserve the pure timbre of the trumpet in all registers and dynamics.

This is a fantastic package discount on a TrumCor collection that will cover 95% of most trumpeters' mute requirements. From left to right in the photo are the piccolo trumpet mute with copper bottom, the lyric straight mute for soft dynamics, the aluminum straight mute for loud dynamics, and the classical cup mute.

The aluminum straight mute has a unique design that allows for a superior fit, exceptional intonation, and instant response. A combination of aluminum alloys produces a rich and brilliant sound in every register, and allows for a good deal of power and projection.

The Piccolo Straight Mute has the same attributes as the TrumCor straight mute. It plays in tune and produces a lot of muted sound, and was designed especially for pieces such as the Rite of Spring and Pictures at an Exhibition.

Often called "the job saver", the lyric straight mute is designed for the soft, delicate, lyrical passages found so often in symphonic, wind ensemble and solo literature. Its velvet sound blends well with all instruments. Articulation is responsive and clear, even at the softest dynamic levels.

The classical cup mute is suitable for symphonic, studio or solo playing. It is responsive and in-tune throughout all registers, and its adjustable cup allows for a variety of tonal flexibility.

manhassetmuteholder.jpg Manhasset Trumpet Mute/Cup Holder
Clips on the lip of all folding and concert music stands. Places mutes or cups in convenient, readily accessible place. Allows for quick mute changes during performances.